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Express Analytical Laboratory Services provides analytical testing services on a global scale. You can now order your testing services 24/7 through the Express ALS online interface.

We will help you decide which services you need if you are unsure, but the online interface gives you the ability to order and pay for the services easily. Express ALS' online component allows you to recieve the benefit of the most competative pricing available through a laboratory you know and trust.

Our commitment to quality and customer service creates a comfort level unparalleled in the industry.

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Metals Analysis

State of the art Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Spectroscopy, utilizing radial and axial views, gives us the ability to reach the lowest possible detection limits in the industry. This advanced ICP technology allows us to decrease our turnaround time without sacrificing quality or increasing analysis cost.

Pet Food & Pet Products Analysis

Everyone in the pet food industry shares the same risks: recalls, negative press, potential damage to brands and company equity.

Pet food and product analysis is just one of our specialties. Let Express ALS help put your mind at ease.